A short and snappy post this week! I've been up to my eyeballs in cyber space website building these last few days and although it's been really exciting, its kind of taken over a's nice to take a break from technology and get back to the design side of things.  Oh and by the way I'll be back again later in the week with my Designer Spotlight feature inspired by this month's London Design Festival.  


But back to this. If you read my post a few weeks ago all about stripes inspired by our break in Salcombe, these new designs will make sense.  I had roughly drafted them a while ago but got them out again and changed the colours.  I wanted to combine my love for stripes and dots but create a really simple design and here is what I came up with! The lines and dots are really wonky and irregular but thats what I do best and what I really like about it.  Anything too straight and perfect is boring right? I am still working to finalise the colour ways but this print will form one of three designs for my first collection of tea towels and mugs.


Would love to know what you think? Do you like the colours?


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